5 Steps to Achieve 94% Sales Hiring Success

5 Steps to Achieve 94% Sales Hiring Success

“Sales recruiting as an industry is cringe-worthy. Very few other industries evoke the visceral “ugh” from people like this one does.”

That is a quote from an article on sales recruitment I read last week. It is written by Amy Volas for OpenView Partners, one of the VCs who specialise in scaling some of the hottest early stage software vendors. Despite the headline, she goes on to say how partnering with the right recruiter is vital to scaling your SaaS start-up successfully…and it would be safe to say she knows what she is talking about!

If you have time to give it a read, you can access the whole article here or read on to get our top 5 takeaways…

An infographic describing the 5 key rules to ensure a successful, accountable software sales hiring process.

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