We love GDPR, after all, it validates the approach we’ve had for the last 20 years!

Our take on GDPR is pretty simple:

– We only deal with low risk information like your name, contact details, work history and career aspirations.

– We will never share the information you give us with our enterprise software clients or anyone else without your express consent. We’ve always done this, so no change there!

– If we already have your details before the 25th May 2018, you will be notified of the course of action we are taking, either;

a) we will continue to hold your data under the basis of legitimate interest – after all, you’ve taken the time to tell us what’s important for your career so that we approach you with the right kind of opportunity


b) we will delete your data. Simple.

– If we’ve identified you as somebody new (after May 25th 2018) who could appreciate a career chat with one of our consultants then you’ll be informed within 30 days (or sooner) that we are processing your data.

– You have control over your data so you have the option to send us a data subject access request (DSAR) or to ask us to delete your information (your right to be forgotten).

For more information on everything mentioned above: