What is important to you for a career? If the answer is training, culture, and the opportunity to make money, then this is the Grad Scheme you need to see…

As a boutique business, we are flexible and want to find what you enjoy and where you work best. Once you have completed our initial 360 training we will work with you to fully personalise your career progression plan to make sure you are your most productive, whilst doing what you enjoy.

We know a LOT about recruitment, but are still firm believers in learning everything that you can. For our graduates, we use the best external recruitment trainers to build a team of well-rounded and highly successful consultants! Add to that the internal mentoring and one-on-one sessions, and we have everything you need to help you develop into an over-achieving recruitment badass.

We are all social people, so we LOVE our vibrant central Leeds offices… if close proximity to pubs, restaurants and shopping isn’t enough to tempt you, we have a beautiful view out over City Square, a communal lounge with all manner of freebies, and 6 floors of other like-minded businesses to party with.

We set targets at realistic and achievable levels, with a great commission scheme that really rewards! Last quarter, top performer Lauren received a treatment voucher and nights stay at The Grand Luxury Hotel and Spa – well deserved R&R.

Know someone who would be a great fit for our team?

We are always on the lookout for great people for our team, and if you or someone you know would be a great fit we want to know – and will reward you for doing so!

So it is as simple as this: if someone that you recommend is hired into our team, we will give you £500.

To refer someone, please provide a name and current mobile number to any member of the team, or click here: