Location Location Location: The Big Challenge Of Attracting Top Flight Sales Executives

Location Location Location: The Big Challenge Of Attracting Top Flight Sales Executives

Why Attracting Sales Executives Isn’t Just About Money

In the UK there is a popular programme presented by Kirsty Allsop and Phil Spencer that is based on the topical subject of moving house; allegedly one of the most stressful things human beings experience alongside marriage, death and interestingly moving companies to take up a new job.

The premise of the popular TV series is it’s all about the location. In today’s fast paced tech world it appears this exact criteria is mirrored when it comes to attracting the best of the best in the competitive sales arena.

A recent Manpower white paper on the global talent shortage surveyed 41,700 employers in 42 countries and highlighted the current issues in attracting talent. After the obvious challenges of technical competencies, availability, experience and skills, ‘undesirable geographic location’ was the next highest on the list.

I suspect many folks reading this article might say; “tell me something new Jim.”

The most difficult challenge can be attracting a steady stream of qualified applicants more interested in quiet livability than the bright lights of the big city. The real issue then is what you can do about it. Here are some suggestions we recommend to our clients.

What is important to today’s sales superstars?

The average age of today’s work force now and moving forward puts then firmly in the camp of Gen Y/ millennials. Their motivations are different, they are looking for a ‘new’ type of employer where flexibility, career development, contribution and community feel are the order of the day.

Your company brand

If your location doesn’t have an exciting social atmosphere, then the company needs to step up and create that atmosphere to attract and retain their talent.
No matter the size of your organisation you can still create a community feel. Perhaps showcase your company days out or family BBQ’s and retreats on your social accounts. If you highlight the strengths of your company, then you might be surprised at the response once potential recruits check you out online. Suddenly become more appealing.

Location is only a hindrance if you aren’t visible.

Make it worth their while #Benefits #Flexibility

Though money is a key driver for the majority of software sales people many of the candidates we place surprisingly have other factors that will swing their decision to accept an offer.

Attractive benefits you can offer are limited only by your imagination, and what you know and understand about the motivations of people you employ.

An upfront work from home policy is a big yes button for many Gen Y people. Less commuting equals less stress and expense for your sales superstars coupled with an opportunity to at least be in the same house as their children when they wake up in the morning or come running in from School.

Health benefits, subsidised local gym memberships or crèches are all low cost ways employers can attract star sales people away from the big city lights.

Decide who your ideal person is

A humble soft sell for your search partner. The irony of the situation is we are often contacted by our clients when they are struggling to attract talent to specific locations both here and globally.

Trust me over the last 30 years this has happened on more than one occasion. We know the market well and our clients and candidates. Few recruiters have the depth of knowledge of organisations that we do which means we can ‘sell’ the benefits of why roles will or won’t work for the individual in question. In negotiations its common that we can be the go between that negotiates the best outcome for all.

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About the Author:

Jim Kinread is the M.D of Teem, a leading organisation in the specialist IT sales recruitment arena. Jim has 17 years experience in the sector and leads his team of senior search consultants to help both software companies to achieve their global growth strategy and professionals to achieve their career goals.