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With ever-increasing deal sizes, New Relic needed a true enterprise seller!

I have worked with Mark Fieldhouse (VP) for almost 10 years, as both a candidate and a client – building his Analytics team at IBM and global sales team at Fairsail. New Relic are a leader in the APM space so, whilst the technology is perfect for companies in the digital age, part of the challenge is finding true Enterprise software salespeople who can engage credibly with CMO’s and Head of DevOps alike! The skill to handle complex and ever-increasing deal sizes is key.

With New Relic we also needed a fine-blend of other skills and cultural characteristics, such as: a high-energy approach to prospecting, self-starter mentality, and an almost geeky passion for the technology.

By qualifying a longlist of Enterprise sellers on their abilities and motivations beyond their CV, we were able to create a very precise shortlist of 2 top-tier software executives who quickly moved through the process to offer.

Jim knows his clients so well – From our first conversation, he knew New Relic would be a great fit for me!

Whilst we were waiting for headcount to become available at New Relic, I worked with Jim on 3 other opportunities – a mix of SaaS technologies and company sizes. For me, the company comes second to the management, and so I’m not easy to put into a box when it comes to experience. Understanding the culture and management style is therefore one of the biggest qualifiers for me at all stages of the process.

I had my CV on a couple of job boards but it was always a waste of time – it was clear that other recruiters didn’t have the kind of knowledge about their clients that I needed to be able to qualify opportunities, so it was hard for them to make the best matches for me. With Jim, I never went into an interview or meeting without being thoroughly prepped on the right role (unlike when a different recruiter gave me the wrong job spec before an interview with another large corporate), knowing what to expect and what I needed to do to be successful.

Now is a great time to be part of the New Relic team – the technology is always changing and Mark is a very skilled manager who allows me the flexibility that I need as a single mother.

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