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Sage needed build a true Enterprise Sales Team – A Great Project for Us!

David joined Sage in May 2015 and was tasked with rebuilding the Enterprise sales organisation within 3 month – ambitious! In that time, he hired 8 Senior Sales Executives from Teem… That’s pretty good going. Since then, we have introduced David and the team at Sage to salespre-sales, channel and services professionals, making 11 placements.

Our challenge with this initial project for David was to attract Enterprise sellers to a brand that, although well-respected, was traditionally associated with a mid-market play. David set the bar high on quality, so it was imperative that we introduce only the top % of the market. One of our strengths, and a real differentiator in our industry is our network of long-term connections, with whom we build strong relationships of trust. We turned to this first and were thrilled that we were able to engage top calibre candidates, like Greg, from likes of Oracle.

David Watts, VP Enterprise Sales - Sage

David Watts, Vice President UK Enterprise

I am delighted with the results, Teem are invaluable to the growth of my Software Sales team!

Jim and his consultants at Teem have truly become my recruitment partner of choice, they know exactly the type of sales person and background I like, and quickly pick up the skill-sets and experiences I require.

They are speedy and reliable when it comes to delivery. Whereas other agencies have gone off the radar for 3 months after taking a brief, I received my first shortlist of candidates within 10 days, and even then there was no scrimping on quality. At least 8 out of every 10 CV’s put in front of me will make it to first interview.

Candidates I speak with are always well-briefed, I know they have looked me up on LinkedIn before our meeting, and that they have a thorough understanding of the company/role, and who I am as a person.

Gregory joined Sage UK in June 2016…

I was in dialogue with Jim when the role with Sage came about. On first sight, I wasn’t convinced they were right for me, but one of Teem’s strengths is matching the right role, in the right company to the candidates they represent. Jim took the time to understand what I wanted, and he saw Sage as a perfect fit. He was right and I am now incredibly happy in my new role with Sage!

Teem are understanding and professional. It can be very mixed working with recruiters- many don’t appreciate that we are trying to fit in an interview around our current role – but all the consultants valued my time. I wasn’t sent off on a wild goose chase, we kept in touch with regular updates, and they put in the behind-the-scenes work that is so important in making the whole process so much easier.

Teem knew what I was looking for in the role and they know what clients want too. He knew what I wanted, down to not just a tick-box, because every agency could say that, but down to the personality level, and the personality is what ultimately, makes or breaks a working relationship. Their knowledge of both the organisations and their hiring teams is second to none. I guess that comes from so many years in the sector!

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