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Sometimes there are great software salespeople that you just know you have to work with

…for me Haj was one of those salespeople! From our very first conversation, I could tell he would make a great addition to any number of pre-IPO or established global software vendors. He knew which companies he wanted to consider, and agreed that SAS would be a great prospect.

But inevitably not all software companies hire all year round, and even when they are hiring, it is sometimes not quite the right role. This is where our proactive approach to a long-term senior level contact at SAS made all the difference for Haj.

Haj joined SAS in April 2017, and has since engaged us on a number of key strategic sales hires across his team.

Teem are so well-choreographed – they make my life easy, firstly as a candidate and now as a sales manager hiring for my own team.

Jim took the time to understand my needs, and my wants, but wasn’t afraid to challenge me if he thought there was something that I would love – SAS was one of those opportunities, and I am so glad that he did! Having run EMEA for smaller organisations, I was convinced that my skills were best suited to those processes, whereas being a part of SAS is giving me the opportunity to learn from lots of other incredibly smart people!

I had been looking at the market for a little while, and for me the biggest challenge was finding a recruitment partner who wasn’t short-term or transactional… the phrase “there’s nothing right now” was something I heard a lot, in stark contrast to the bulk of LinkedIn messages I received daily. Jim’s enthusiasm and structured approach was exactly what I needed, and the fact he fit his schedule and style around my needs (sending invites straight to my diary, preparation calls before every interview and debriefing straight after, most importantly getting the location right!) made the entire process as easy as I think it could be!

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